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Vascular Health CME On The Go

Improving Health Equity Through Vascular Health: Perspectives from Duke University School of Medicine

This accredited, 7-episode microlearning program profiles Duke University School of Medicine and their approach to improving health equity through vascular health. Watch experts from Duke University speak around how such approaches are currently implemented.

Coronary artery disease (CAD) and peripheral artery disease (PAD) are chronic progressive cardiovascular (CV) diseases that are subject to an elevated risk of secondary thrombotic events, associated with various atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases. The asymptomatic nature of PAD is worrisome, not only because of the sheer nature of patients who report as such (50%), but it serves as a risk for progressive atherosclerotic disease. A lack of disease recognition and diagnosis is the first barrier to optimal prevention strategies. Throughout the continuum of CAD/PAD, multiple, diverse providers are involved in the patient's care. The inherent challenge is that the variability and approaches surrounding how to best and appropriately manage patients are critical, as the elevated risk for subsequent CV events can happen, especially in underdiagnosed and underserved patient populations. Aligning the total continuity of care amongst all treatment providers needs to be established upfront, to evolve and improve the standard of care when managing patients with CAD/PAD.
This program content is jointly provided by Duke University Health System Department of Clinical Education and Professional Development and TotalCME, Inc. in collaboration with the Society for Vascular Medicine and Vascular Cures.

Watch one or all 7 episodes now:

Cardiology Perspectives in the Management of Vascular Health

Vascular Perspectives in the Management of Vascular Health

Vascular Surgery Perspectives in the Management of Vascular Health

Pharmacy Perspectives in the Management of Vascular Health

Nursing Perspectives in the Management of Vascular Health

Case Review and Implications – Meet Paula A. Davis

Expert Panel – Putting It All Together: Applying Learning Locally

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